How to Order Jenny Craig Food Online?

Want to buy Jenny Craig food? Then, perhaps, you are already aware of the magic effect of this diet plan. Jenny Craig diet is such a system of food consumption that offers a wide range of food choice for you to select the best of its dishes and enjoy cooking with recipes available on the website. Let's define, however, how to order Jenny Craig food online. Ready? Let's go:

1. Choose a Jenny Craig program

There are two main programs - the cheaper one All Access Premium Membership and As You Go 30 Day Membership. The first one requires you to pay a fee which in 2016 was $50 and then $19 per each month. With that, you get a $50 coupon for food as well as for consultation and individual recommendations. The second option requires $39 per month with no upfront fee. You are given one consultation a week and able to buy food online.

2. Find the local center

In each major city, there is at least one local center for you to come. Also, you can call (866) 706-4042 to get support concerning your weight goals, and the way the programme works.

Can you buy Jenny Craig food online?

3. Order the food online or locally

You have to order two meals at a time at first, but later on, you can choose the food yourself.

How do I order Jenny Craig food?

If you feel you are not quite ready for two weeks of the prepackaged meal, you can have a three days sample that consists of 3 snacks, 3 salad dressing, and 9 meals. It cost about $40 in 2016.

4. Choose whether you want to customize food by yourself or not

You are able to order already customized food, which is easy and requires no efforts, but you can also make a food plan by yourself. Also, you can customize your food with veggies, fruits, and dairy.

5. Order the food online

First of all, register your account on the official website. Set up the username and password in order to utilize it next time. Add the food items to your account according to your food plan and pay for them.

6. Get your food shipped

If you buy your food online, it will be shipped to you for extra bucks. Of course, the meals will be frozen, except the bars and some breakfast items.

7. Use Jenny Craig's recipes

The vast majority of the recipes online are free so you can use them if you want to cook yourself. For that, just look over the recipe and buy the necessary food in the grocery store.

How else to buy Jenny Craig food online?

You may also buy this food from people who tried this diet but decided it is not for them or they did not like it. For example, you may find the advertisements on Craiglist or other websites like Amazon, etc. Note that you have to be careful when buying the food from a stranger because it may be unsafe.

All in all, this is such a good diet for couch potatoes because it requires a minimum of efforts. Also, the followers of this diet plan are quite happy about the taste and the quality of this food and service, recommending it to others. Anyway, if you afraid you might dislike it and do not want to waste your money, there are options mentioned above for you to have a try for a short time. So in general, the programs are rather effective and interesting.

Enjoy your food time and have a great day!



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