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Dr. Nathalie Fiset

Hello! Please allow me to introduce myself. My name is Nathalie Fiset. I have been a family doctor in Montreal, Canada since 1990. Beginning with a broad family practice, I narrowed it down to the follow-up of pregnancies and attending births. As a result, I have assisted over 2300 births so far.

My path came across hypnosis in 2001 get 100-1000$ Payday Loans Online Resource 24/7. I immediately developed an interest for hypnotherapy, feeling like I had found the missing link in my medical practice and my personal life. After all, it's not everyday you find a 100% natural method, proven safe and efficient for bringing about better mental, physical and spiritual health and well-being.

I completed my hypnotherapy certification in 2004 with Omni Hypnosis Training Center, and in 2005, received a second certification with the American Alliance of Hypnotists.

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Why would a doctor be interested in hypnosis?

Interestingly, I am a medical doctor who happens to think that the general population is seriously overmedicated. The consumption of medication is continually rising. We all know that when we take pills, there are associated side-effects, sometimes creating additional problems. I always get concerned when medication is removed from the market because they had a number of "unexplained deaths" related to the medication.

It is obvious that everyone should have a good doctor they see regularly. Additionally, I see modern hypnosis as a very interesting complement to medicine. Since I do not have the time to do private hypnosis sessions, I have created a complete set of self-hypnosis recordings to help you lose weight, stop smoking, achieve financial success, and more! I invite you to find the self-hypnosis products that will best benefit you.


What is Hypno-Beginning?

This complete hypnosis for childbirth program was created by me to aid women in giving birth naturally and comfortably. This program teaches future parents the powerful self-hypnosis techniques used to achieve a complete anesthesia of their body -- and ensure calmness and relaxation while enjoying every moment of the birth.



Dr. Nathalie Fiset

What is Alpha-Power?

Over the years, I have received many requests to develop a powerful self-hypnosis program dedicated to providing better mental and physical health. I have designed the Alpha-Power program to do just that!

What else should we know about you?

I am a mother of four children -- which itself is an interesting hobby! I started doing medical missions in Honduras and Mexico in 2004 and enjoy it very much. You can see beautiful pictures of what our work is all about on this website.

I am so fascinated by the infinite possibilities that the Internet has to offer. Even though I have just recently started transmitting my knowledge through the power of the Internet, I am amazed at the many possibilities it offers. I intend to share with you the amazing power of the internet along with how to become successful. I have the secret to Bill Gates, Tiger Woods, Walt Disney, John Reese and all other successful millionaires success! If I can make it a little easier for people like me who want to reach other people online, then I will be a happy woman!

With so many scams on the net, why should you trust me? A very good question indeed!

You can rely on the fact that I am a Medical Doctor and a Certified Hypnotherapist to reassure you in knowing I cannot do anything to harm your well-being.


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If you've found this site, you're looking for self-improvement. Like so many other people today, you want to live a better life. Perhaps you'd like to lose a few pounds, improve your self-esteem or quit smoking? You CAN - and you CAN SUCCEED with the power of your mind. I can show you how!

Are you expecting a child? Have you heard of my complete hypnosis for childbirth program? This unprecedented program has allowed me to speak on television interviews, on internet interviews, and in various speaking engagements to spread the news about natural peaceful childbirth through hypnosis. Learn how you too can enjoy a natural comfortable childbirth - perhaps feeling no pain at all!

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